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Acumenz Consulting is a strategic consulting firm, dedicated to providing your organization with a one-stop solution for all your information technology needs. For an organization with extensive computing needs, it is challenging to take full advantage of technological resources and yet maintaining lower costs. Acumenz specializes in structuring programs and allocating resources that provide industry-specific skills to our clients, turning technology into a customized business solution. Acumenz provides clients with not just highly experienced consultants but brings to your doorstep a track record of successful projects in business and information technology. Acumenz is an amalgamation of best practices and competencies brought in by leading professionals of some of the most renowned names of the Corporate World. Knowledge drives us., Acumenz has provided specialized Knowledge Services to a wide range of industry verticals. This puts us in a unique position where we are able to not only deliver cutting edge solutions but also help build in-house competencies of our Clients, be it in the Knowledge Services domain or a part of our Enterprise Services. At Acumenz, we believe in relationships, in being strategic partners rather than solution providers, giving special focus to processes and quality. Our client repertoire is therefore amongst the Who's Who of the industry, returning to us for quality solutions, each time, every time. Acumenz is where we successfully marry Knowledge with Technology to deliver Real Business Benefits to all our Clients. Acumenz is where we help you create transformative solutions for your business success

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