About us

At Acumenz Consulting, we are proud to be IT Partners of several medium and large global organizations. Since our inception, we have grown by addressing the evolving needs of our customers and contributing our best towards their growth and success. We are a rapidly growing provider of IT Solutions and Services offering a wide range of IT Services to meet our customers growing needs. We are focused on providing services around Enterprise Solutions, Custom solutions and Business Intelligence solutions. We help our customers implement these solutions through our skilled consulting services, implementation services, application management services and through infrastructure management services. We deliver our services through a global delivery model using a blended team of onsite and offshore consultants depending on the needs of the customers and nature of the engagement. Our customers are primarily from Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Technology, Service and Healthcare verticals. Starting from a small customer-focused organization, Acumenz has grown to a respectable mid-sized company in a short period of time. We take pride in successful execution of projects and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our long standing customers are a testimony to the value we provide as an organization to our customers’ business and technology initiatives. We are managed by a core team of professionals with tremendous experience working in a variety of consulting and business environment. We have developed into a rapidly growing, highly competitive and responsive firm with strong management, technical and financial resources and commitment to fully serve our clients.

Our Vision

  Our Vision at Acumenz is to be a premier global provider of innovative technology solutions and be an integral part of the customer's success. We aim to serve as a virtual extension of your IT organization. 


Acumenz Consulting has consistently delivered as a global technology solutions provider to enterprises, consumers and technology companies since its inception. The company has ensured operational excellence throughout to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction by institutionalizing their Rationalize, Optimize and Innovate (ROI) framework.


Our core value is customer orientation and this value permeates across our entire organization. We strongly believe that focus towards customers and their needs is critical to our long term growth and success. Our success has always been measured on our ability to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations on an on-going basis.